Spotlight: Graham Personnel Services

In this series, ActionCOACH Mary Ann Hauser (MAH) and team virtually sit down with business owners to learn how they are working through COVID-19. Check out their inspiring stories for tips on how to cope with and successfully recover from this pandemic as well as ideas on how to avoid making common mistakes. And be sure to look at special offers from these businesses – we can all use a little extra help right now! 

BKN: Coach Beverly Kiser-Nutt

WG: Will Graham, Graham Personnel Services


BKN: What do you do and how long have you done it?

WG: My brother and I bought the business from my father. We have been serving this community for over 50 years! We serve the Triad area and we have moved to a national staffing firm. It has gone very well and we are very happy with this decision. We were able to grow our footprint by utilizing technology. Our company is in the staffing and recruiting industry so we are hired by other clients to find them their people. The people that we find for them are our employees but they are working at another facility. We are an awarding winning National staffing firm, whose main focus is on manufacturing, logistics and distribution. What separates us from any other staffing firm is how well we take care of our internal staff, which takes care of our empire.

BKN: Who would you say is your best customer or target customer?

WG: Customers that are growing and looking to hire more employees. Our largest niche manufacturing, logistics and distribution.

BKN: What has been the biggest impact on your business with COVID-19?

WG: We had to adopt a significant amount of technology. We were ahead of the curve. Talking to our candidates and customers virtually. We have seen our customers in the manufacturing side have a greater demand. The essential businesses really got busy. Potential manufactures that we hire for grew substantially. Some divisions were impacted substantially but we were able to adapt.

BKN: What are some actions you had to put in place because of the Pandemic?

WG: The way we communicate with our contractors we had to put in mass technology. We supply everyone with the PPE equipment. We changed our hiring processes as a result. The schools shutting down so we turned some of our space into a classroom for children so our staff could bring their kids to the office.

BKN: What has been your biggest learning since becoming a Business Owner?

WG: Our company will only be as good as the people that we hire. How do we lead and inspire those folks to do more?

BKN: What do you find the most inspiring?

WG: Many things inspire me... It always energizes me when I am able to help people find work. The new customers that we bring on I get to learn all about their business and how our people help them get their products out the door. One thing I teach our new recruiters is ultimately we are finding a person a job and if we find them a job we change their lives and their families lives and changing a community and impacting the world. We can make a difference with our company. It's a butterfly effect that works in a positive way.

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