Spotlight: CMIT Solutions

In this series, ActionCOACH Mary Ann Hauser (MAH) and team virtually sit down with business owners to learn how they are working through COVID-19. Check out their inspiring stories for tips on how to cope with and successfully recover from this pandemic as well as ideas on how to avoid making common mistakes. And be sure to look at special offers from these businesses – we can all use a little extra help right now! 

BKN: Coach Beverly Kiser-Nutt

BG: Bradley Gile, owner of CMIT Solutions of Greensboro


BKN: Tell me a little bit about what you do and how long you’ve been doing it. 

BG: I started the CMIT Solutions of Greensboro office in December of 2019. We are part of a national organization has over 200 offices around the country, with 7 here in the North Carolina. I cover Greensboro, High Point and the surrounding areas. We provide IT solutions and support for small to medium sized businesses and nonprofits. 

BKN: Who is your best customer or target customer? 

BG: We can help any small business, especially in professional services, that needs technology support, to put a business continuity strategy in place so their business can survive a disaster or cyber-attack, or even businesses looking to get the basics set up like email and phones. We’re a good fit for businesses that want to create the best employee and customer experience. 

BKN: What has been the biggest impact of COVID-19 on your business?  

BG: The business just started in December, so this was not the best timing. Not having the ability to do in-person networking has been hard. The IT industry requires a lot of trust - you're trusting an IT company to safeguard your data and business, and not having in-person meetings makes that more difficult.  

BKN: What are 1 or 2 actions you’ve taken because of the pandemic? 

BG: We’re trying virtual networking - offering webinars on topics like cyber security and ransomware, so we’re offering some education and meeting new people at the same time. In the last couple months we’ve figured out how to operate in this environment and people are back to work. We had no choice but to hit the ground running. 

BKN: What has been your biggest learning as a business owner? 

BG: I worked for large corporations for over 20 years, I lived overseas, and I travelled a lot, and I didn’t get a lot of interaction with small businesses. I have learned how much small businesses do for our communities and how hard they work to keep everything going and how much we rely on them. It has been really great to start to do my part to help other small businesses out. 

BKN: Any offers you would like to include? 

BG: Free assessment: a brief interview process to identify the gaps in a business’ security or productivity for anyone who mentions this article 

BKN: What is most inspiring to you today? 

BG: Being able to help a variety of businesses that didn’t really understand the risks. Only about 40% of businesses survive a ransomware attack or cyber security attack, so we help shed the light on that and help businesses become better prepared. 

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