Spotlight: Anchored Nutrition Therapy

In this series, ActionCOACH Mary Ann Hauser (MAH) and team virtually sit down with business owners to learn how they are working through COVID-19. Check out their inspiring stories for tips on how to cope with and successfully recover from this pandemic as well as ideas on how to avoid making common mistakes. And be sure to look at special offers from these businesses – we can all use a little extra help right now! 

JB: Coach Jason Berry  

RS: Rebecca Subbiah, Owner of Anchored Nutrition Therapy .


JB: Tell me about Anchored Nutrition Therapy. How did the business start, where did the idea come from, and how long have you been in business?  

RS: I’ve been a dietitian 18 years, but I stayed home for many of those years with kids. When I returned to working as a dietitian about a couple years ago, I was an associate with another local private practice, and I always liked the counseling aspect – working one-on-one with people- more than hospital type work. That job didn’t pan out, but it pushed me to try my own thing, because why not? So I started the business in January of 2020.   

As far as my reason for doing this, I noticed over the years that often our medicalized traditional approach to health is not working very well. Men and women, often more women than men, go on and off diets their entire life, even starting in childhood. I feel that sometimes we can be too judgmental toward ourselves. We need to be gentler and kinder in our approach and teach people to have more self-compassion. It’s going to be hard. Some days won’t look like perfect meals and a set table, and sometimes you won’t feel like exercising, and it’s okay to have a rest.  I just want to help them believe that they are worthy. They’re awesome. They’re worth taking care of, and to be gentle and kind to themselves.   


JB: Tell me about your target market. Who is the ideal customer for your business?  

RS:  I kind of want to keep it broad starting out, so I can help families, men, women, kids, people with high cholesterol, diabetes or pre-diabetes, people who may need nutritional support, people who just want to learn about intuitive and mindful eating, and anyone who wants to move away from years of yo-yo dieting.  


JB: You just got started a few months ago, and then COVID-19 started. Tell me about how you have navigated your business through this pandemic: are you taking a step back, are you pivoting, and what is your thought process on engaging your audience in this time?  

RS: I’m just trying to keep conversations going on social media and be mindful of the fact that many people are struggling financially, so I don’t want to push too much marketing on them. Nobody knows exactly the right approach, but I’m open to telehealth and looking forward to the day when I can meet in-person with clients again.   


JB: Over the next 90 days, what are some plans that you are putting in place to grow your business? I think we’re all learning that things will not returning to normal, and our new “normal” is going to look totally different. What do you have in mind for moving things forward in this new landscape?  

RS: I’m going to keep sharing useful information on social media, writing blog posts, recording video  content, and interviewing others to gather tips from professionals. I plan on being there for people, and hopefully along the way, some will hire me to support them on their wellbeing journeys. I also started a Facebook group called Anchored Nutrition Therapy to create a private and safe place that people can share their emotions along their journey with a small group. You can find a link for the group on my business Facebook page.     


JB: Do you have an offer during this time that we can share on your behalf?   

RS: I’ve been telling people that I don’t want this pandemic to be an obstacle. I am willing to discuss what clients can afford in this time, and I’ve used a sliding scale in the past. If people can get the help they need now, we know we will come through the other side of this. Then, when things get better, you can you can chip in more.  

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