Hiring & Recruiting: Find the Diamonds

Learn how to get improved results!
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**NASBA-Approved; CPAs receive 2 CPE Credit Hours. See below**


Improve your approach to hiring and recruiting!

Your business is impacted by stress from many directions. Some external, and some internal. How you respond determines how much opportunity is captured, and how much time, energy, and money it takes to get there.

We have found that many small business owners spend more time planning vacation than they do planning their business. This is particularly evident in poor hiring and recruiting practices.

Attracting rock star team members is key, and in this workshop you will leave with action items to improve your process and results.

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NASBA-Approved CPE Credits for CPAs

Our 6 Steps seminars have been certified by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. CPAs will get 2 hours of CPE Credits for attending. (See bottom of page for official NASBA flyer)

CPE Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and define the “6 Steps” to creating long-term business growth, including:  Mastery, Niche, Leverage, Team, Synergy and Results. 
  • Identify, define and work through (5) strategic ways to multiply profits, including increasing:  Leads, Conversion Rate, Number of Transactions, Average Value Sale and Profit Margins.
  • Identify and define how to profitably “buy” new customers to turn marketing budgets from an “expense” to an “investment” with quantifiable results and ROI (“Return on Investment”)
  • The keys to team building and the steps to take to create a profitable company culture
  • The “Cycle of Business” and how to establish growth-oriented metrics and benchmarks

Words of praise from past attendees


You guys have started a transformation in me that I never expected. I have a long way to go but because of you all, I know it will happen!

Steven J.


DO IT!! You will not regret the time you put into the workshop. Both you and your business will change more than you could imagine.

Karen S.

Build a winning team.

Register now for this virtual seminar and learn how to recruit the team your business needs.

October 27th, 2021 • 11AM-1pm • via Zoom